Monday, July 13, 2009

The Great Outdoors

On Friday, Jeff and I decided to go camping at our favorite camping spot, Joe's Valley Reservoir. We had a blast! We both love camping, but we haven't been able to go this summer because of all the rain. But the weather has finally cleared up, so we are hoping we can go a few more times before I have to go back to school (which is ONLY 5 weeks away. . .). Enjoy the pics!

Our favorite camping meal:hamburger, potatoes, carrots, onions . . .delicious

We went hiking on Saturday, which was really fun. But I am SO afraid of snakes. I think I have a snake phobia. I can't even look at pictures of them. Just thinking about them is making my skin crawl! Before we left to go camping, we saw a story on the news about how there have been a ton of rattlesnake sightings this summer. So of course all I can think about on our hike is what I'm going to do if I see a rattlesnake. My plan was to run as fast as I can until I got back to our car. Luckily, there were no rattlesnake sightings on our hike. We had a great view of the reservoir when we were sitting at the top of the mountain. We also did a little cliff-jumping. The jump wasn't nearly as high as it was last year (all the rain made the water really high), but I was still really afraid to jump at first. It was really fun once I got the courage to jump in. Luckily, the first couple of times we went jumping, there were people waiting behind us so I felt a little more pressure to just jump in. Here's a video of me jumping. I didn't realize Jeff was videoing me working up the courage to jump . . .

Here are a few more random pictures: Jeff chopping wood and us playing cards during one of the storms.