Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Why does time fly by when you're on vacation? We are leaving NC tomorrow morning and going back to Utah. We have had a great time - so sad it's over. I love vacation! Pictures coming soon!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Say it isn't so . . .

Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Jeff and I had a great time with his parents - such a great time that I completely forgot to take pictures while they were here. All I have is ONE picture from all the Thanksgiving fun. But everything turned out great - Jeff did a great job on the turkey. It was delicious. I loved having the pork roast with grandpa's special sauce. It didn't taste exactly like his, but it was pretty good. We had a lot of fun hanging out with the Rains family. We did a little shopping on Friday, and then on Saturday we went up to SLC to the Family History center. They have a ton of geneology work done, and wanted to get some more information on some relatives.

As soon as we got home from taking Jeff's parents to the airport, I started putting up Christmas decorations. Whenever a girl in the Hollingsworth family gets married, a Christmas shower is thrown for her. So, I had TONS of Christmas decorations for our first Christmas together. I had so much fun decorating. I think Jeff even got into it a little. He thought it would be funny to put all the decorations in one spot on the tree. Yea . . . that didn't last long!

Thanks Grannie Frances for the beautiful wall hanging. My mom sent these trees to me a couple of years ago. I got some really pretty gold ones at my Christmas shower, but they
wouldn't fit in the box when my mom shipped my decorations to me. I think they are making an appearance with her decorations this year. :) I can't wait to get them here.