Monday, April 30, 2012

In the past year (especially the past 7 months) I have been reminded that prayers are answered in the way that is best for us and/or  according to God's will.  The realization that a prayer has been answered is an overwhelming feeling, one that makes my heart feel so full.  This is a short post, but I just want to document how grateful I feel today for how my family's prayers have been answered.  

Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter and Stats

Since we have 9 a.m. church and we didn't wake up in time, the Easter Bunny visited after church. Austin was really interested to see what was in the strange basket in the living room. I think the first thing he pulled out was his new green bouncy ball. He loves to throw balls - footballs, soccer balls, bouncy balls, it doesn't matter to him. It's one of his favorite things to do - especially with his dad. He then pulled everything out 1 by 1 and inspected it. It was so fun to watch. I think his favorite thing was the bubbles that the Easter Bunny stuck in at the last minute! He is really growing fond of his tricycle. He actually likes to sit on the seat backwards and push himself with his feet. Whatever works! We were lucky to have Gran and Grandaddy in town. Austin has so much fun with them. One of his favorite things to do is take the trash out with Grandaddy. Austin is a mover and doesn't often sit down on your lap and give you sugar, but I think Gran and Grandaddy were lucky enough to get quite a few kisses and hugs while they were here.

I can't find the paper with Austin's 15 month stats, but he's a healthy boy! He was in the 90th percentile for height and weight. The pediatrician recommended we get rid of the bottle, so I worked on that this week while I was on Spring Break. He doesn't seem to be upset about not having a bottle. He just won't drink milk from anything else - except a normal cup. He is so fun right now. I enjoyed spending so much time with him this week. We had a few good park days, and the days it was raining we went to the play area at the mall. He LOVES for me to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider and tickle him at the end of the song. And of course I love it because I get to cuddle with him. His dad was gone a lot this week for job interviews, and he said DaDa a LOT. He loves his daddy. When they are together, it's like having two little boys in the house. They run and jump and throw balls and jump on the bed. And I love it.